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Merlyn's 4th book "Poems For A Soft Night" has been published! 

Do you love reading a good verse? Mayhaps some lilting poetry or some fun haikus?

Merlyn makes her words dance a tune in this lovely and fun collection of her poetry! 

Collected over the years, through love and enlightenment. Chapters of poetry that range from Lust, Love, Life, Seasons to Silly!  

Filled with photography and paintings that have inspired art (and vice versa) also featuring original artwork by artists, Sally Stormon and Jesse Underwood! 

A must have for poetry enthusiasts and lovers of LIFE.

Merlyn says: "It’s not your ordinary book of poetry..."

 is available here on our store page, at any Merry Mischief gig and on Amazon!


Our 12th CD "Hodgepodge" is DONE and available here now!

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