Merry Mischief is a married couple ... (most days . :) consisting of Merlyn & Harry! 

We believe in Music. We believe in fun and in bringing old music forward! 

You will have fun at our music shows!

You may hear some tunes you haven't heard in awhile, or maybe even some oldies that are NEW to you!

Merlyn is not a natural blonde.. but she is an amazing natural alto, with a deep resonant voice and plays 12 string guitar, bodhran, mandolin, autoharp and will attempt percussion on almost anything :)

Harry isn't natural ... he's ... a tenor :)

His harmonies add an ethereal quality to Merlyn's vocal range. He plays 6 string guitar and is working on bringing his fiddle out of retirement. So, next time you see him...ask him to play it! :)

Together they sing the songs that take you back, relax you, make you giggle, and tap your feet!

Our music can be geared to many kinds of events: Renaissance faires, Irish/Scottish/Celtic events, Pirate festivals, Churches, Schools, Community Summer Series, Christmas and Holiday get togethers, House Concerts

and yes.... even Restaurants and Taverns!

Contact us for helping with your next event !

See what Mischief we can bring to make your event very Merry!!


Check out this wonderful praise from Merry Mischief's Santa and Mrs. Claus Show at one of our Library gigs this last December!

"Our library hosted Merry Mischief for the first time this December, to
play a family holiday show. I was blown away! Their professionalism stands
out every bit as much as their musicianship.

Harry and Merlyn arrived in full costume - and full character! - as Santa
and Mrs. Claus, and that is who they were all evening, captivating kids
with tales of the North Pole and an array of holiday facts and jokes. The
two even stayed after the performance so that each child in the audience
could meet with Santa, tell him their Christmas wishes, chat about the
holiday season and get a candy cane from Mrs. Claus. It was so much more
than just a musical act, and audience and staff alike were surprised and
delighted by the whole experience.

And I must say, the music was an experience in itself! Santa and Mrs.
Claus are supremely talented, from their impeccable two-part harmony to
their selection of material. Merlyn's rich, powerful alto and Harry's
jovial, warm tenor carried an impressive array of holiday songs and carols
that spanned several centuries. Each song was accompanied by a little
background history or a fun lead-in, and the music was interspersed with
poems and rhymes (and hats off to Mrs. Claus's breathtaking string of
ever-more-elaborate puns - you really have to be there).

My personal favorite element was the pair's keen awareness of the
audience they were playing for. They WERE Santa and Mrs. Claus, and they
used their star-power with the kiddies for the power of good. Throughout
the evening, they wove in little stories and banter, highlighting ideas
like the importance of family during the holidays, of doing chores and
being helpful to their parents (all year!) and general bits of wisdom
aimed specifically for the young folks. All this was so artfully woven
into the program - far from being pedantic, they showed a tender
understanding of the experience of being a kid.

Merry Mischief deserves its own scale - one in which you can earn 11 out
of 5 stars, for a quality experience that exceeds both expectation and
sheer imagination.

-Heather, Programming Librarian
Northern Onondaga Public Library, NY"


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